Weighted Ski Poles

The New Way To Walk, Exercise And Have Stability All At the Same Time

If you are interested in taking your fitness to a new level, consider a set of our new Weighted Ski Poles.

Adding weight to your walking ski poles give you more resistance, more calorie burn and a better upper body workout than walking with walking ski poles alone.

This will be the most important change you ever make in your walking ski pole exercise.

Ad on weights are available from one to six pounds per hand. Weights twist on and off of the ergonomic grip. Form-fitting back strap to assist on walking with Weighted Ski Poles.

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Weighted Ski Pole Grips Can Be Added To Existing Poles

Lose weight by using the Weighted Hands portable telescopic Weighted Ski Pole.

Walking is known to be a safe and effective form of exercise.

Walkers can benefit from dual action exercise.

Dual action exercising includes movement of both arms and both legs as you moves forward walking on the ground.

In order to facilitate dual action exercising, you need to utilized walking poles, trekking poles or Nordic ski poles.

These poles are designed to be grabbed at one end and placed at the other end on the ground as you walk.

When you walk, you are to push off with the walking pole which will provide you some resistive force.

This force is absorbed and adds to your exercising effort.

But here's the problem.

As you lift the walking pole from the ground in preparation for your next stride, the only form of exercise resistance available is that of the weight of the pole, which is virtually nothing.

Furthermore, all walking poles in general are not designed to use weight to increase the resistance offering you resistance with weight as you take each step.

Numerous innovations for exercising devices have been offered before.

But there is nothing better that weighted Walking Poles to accomplish this goal.



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